Amazon Wards Off Hijackers With Approved Drone Patent!

By Rachel Less — Published July 03, 2018

Amazon Wards Off Hijackers With Approved Drone Patent!

Amazon's drone service is exciting and intriguing. Whilst there are a lot of ideas that Amazon want to explore, it is difficult to know what will make the final cut after the patenting process. Although it is difficult to understand the specific features from the patent applications, we can at least understand the general direction that Amazon are working towards to ensure that their delivery drone works to the best of its ability.

One of the said patents is a 'flying warehouse' that would act as a base for delivery drones however Amazon have just received a patent for hijack-proof delivery drones which was filed approximately two years ago. The most recent patent that has been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office helps Amazon to overcome the problem of hijacking, a possibility that is unfortunately all too realistic. Because Amazon are relying on package-carrying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that fly from their warehouses and deliver to customer homes, they run the risk of being hijacked on the way via interference with communication systems in order to bring down the drone.  

They are more specific in their patent which states "As the use of UAVs continues to increase, so does the likelihood of hostility towards UAVs. Such hostility may come in the form of attacks brought for any number of purposes (eg. steal the UAVs and their payloads, crash the UAVs, and otherwise cause disruption to the operation of the UAVs)."

The patent describes the idea of a 'heartbeat' signal which is sent from the controller to the drone every few seconds. If interference from a third party is detected then the drone will be able to switch the safety mode and attempt reconnection with the controller as well as the option to land the machine in a safe location for recollection.

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