Amazon Tests Collaborative Wish Lists

By Ben Harding — Published July 29, 2018

Amazon Tests Collaborative Wish Lists

The idea of a collaborative wish list seems crucial to any shopping site, especially in today's online world where the way in which we communicate on online platforms is so interactive. Currently, on Amazon, consumers are able to share their personal wish lists however there is no option for multiple people to add to one list. What's more, there is no way for couples or parents to add, edit or remove items from a joint wish list which is also frustrating. That was, until now.

Amazon has confirmed they will be testing their new collaborative list feature with a few lucky customers. This feature could be great when organizing gifts for a baby shower/bachelorette, for groups vacationing together and more.

You will be able to see if you are one of the 'chosen ones' but opening an existing wish list on your Amazon profile. If you see the option to "Invite" then you will be able to test out this collaborative wishlist feature which allows you to share your wish list via text, email, social apps and more. The button provides users with a URL to copy and share with friends, family or colleagues and in turn, give them access to add and remove items. What's more, they can also modify the current quantity and comment on saved items. In addition, it inviting someone to view your list and adding someone as a collaborator also work as separate entities. You can share a list to let others view it without allowing them to make changes.

Unfortunately, we are not yet aware of how these 'testers' are selected or what percentage of Amazon users will have access to this feature. There is also yet to be a confirmed release date for this new feature but we hope to see it on our screens soon.

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