Amazon Announces Alexa Voice Control Available on iOS

By Jeremy Tile — Published June 27, 2018

Amazon Announces Alexa Voice Control Available on iOS

Alexa and iOS have been compatible for a while now. Alexa on iOS launched in March 2017 and Andriod users got voice control in January. Amazon have announced that interacting with Echo devices via an iPad or iPhone just got easier. Now, the Alexa iOS app will support voice control making it easier for users to issue spoken commands to Alexa.

Starting from today, thanks to the introduction of voice control to the Alexa app, you will be able to request music playback, web queries, access skills and more, at the touch of a button from your Apple device. What's more, weather-related queries as well as calendar and movie queries and more of the likes will also come with visuals too.

Unlike with Android users who have been able to use Alexa as the sole voice assistant since May, Alexa will not be a replacement for Siri. In order to use Alexa, you will have to activate the software on the Amazon app.  

Updates are said to be occurring over the next few days and we are excited to see how this collaboration will affect Echo users and their interaction with Alexa.

Despite the fact that Siri will still be the primary voice control for iOS users, it is still exciting to see the way in which Amazon have advanced to work with third party platforms like iOS. This move also helps Amazon to expand their mobile footprint and show the world that Alexa is more than just an app for voice commanding Echo devices.


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