Alexa Skills Blueprint: Creating Alexa Skills Made Easier!

By Annie Grey — Published June 17, 2018

Alexa Skills Blueprint: Creating Alexa Skills Made Easier!

Amazon have confirmed that creating skills for Amazon Alexa is about to get much easier.  Since Amazon introduced us to the Alexa Skills Blueprints in April, Alexa owners have enjoyed creating skills using code-free templates in a matter of minutes. This function allows anyone to create personal functions and responses for Alexa without knowledge of coding or the likes. As of Wednesday, Amazon have announced that skills options are growing and users are able to share their customized skills via social media channels. The fact that these new settings are shareable via email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest mean that sharing special birthday wishes or customizing answers for a bachelorette party are possible in an instant.

We have already seen an addition of more than 20 Blueprints since developments in April and to celebrate Mother's Day, Amazon released new Alexa Skill Blueprints and in honor of Father's Day, Amazon have debuted templates that celebrate world's best dads too! After you create Blueprints they will solely appear on the Amazon devices registered to your account meaning that others will only have access to the information if you chose to share it with them. Upon sharing, they'll receive a link to your skill as well as a personalized note. If you make changes to your skill, the people you have shared it with will be automatically updated too. What's more, if you decide to make changes to the skill and keeping it for personal use only you can select the 'Just Me' option. On the whole, you will be able to personalize Alexa's memory, and command her to recall important family milestones for your enjoyment. It will give users a whole new way to enjoy Alexa together as a family in a whole new way.

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In terms of ease of use it is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is visit the Alexa Skill Blueprints website to browse the four categories of customizable options available such as 'Fun and Games', 'At Home', 'Storyteller' and 'Learning and Knowledge'. For example, the 'Fun and Games' category will involve family in jokes and options for anniversary celebrations. On the other hand, Learning and Knowledge can help you study for a test, flashcard style and the At Home category will help those that often rent out their home, use dogsitters and babysitters too. You will then be able to customize responses to question such as 'Where is the best city?' and enjoy the hours of comic fun that such responses entail. What's more, we were pleased to learn that Amazon will not be limiting the number of skills you can create.

Once upon a time, Amazon only intended to allow third-party developers to access tools to create Alexa skills and the fact that they have decided to make this option open to all consumers could make the Alexa more sought after. Not only does it make the gadget more appealing to buyers but could give Alexa the twist she needed to gain longevity on the market against other competing voice assistants. What's more, the Blueprints could also give Amazon a push in sales of other Alexa-enabled devices such as their Echo smart speakers.

Right now, this excellent new function is only available in the States however if proven to be a hit, we see no reason that Amazon won't extent their new Skills Blueprints to other markets.


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