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New Doors Opened for Airbnb Guests with August Smart Lock

For many, Airbnb was a seamless process aside from key collection. For the most, people want to avoid meeting strangers on their holidays, especially when they have just been on a flight! Arranging a meet up to collect the keys to your holiday home from your Airbnb host can be a chore and vice versa. Thanks to a fantastic collaboration with August Smart Lock and Airbnb which was announced today, accessing your new holiday home will be as smooth as your first holiday cocktail! Now, every time that holidaymakers make a reservation in a home that is equipped with an August Smart Lock or an August Smart Keypad, they will receive an automatically generated code for their booking period.

August Home CEO Jason Johnson said "Our Smart Locks are the perfect complement to any Airbnb rental, giving hosts complete control over guest access and the freedom to manage their property from anywhere […] By expanding our Airbnb integration to include the August Smart keypad, we're making it simple for guests to enter and exit a property by simply entering a security code. This makes Airbnb rentals more secure by removing the need for physical keys, which can be lost or copied".

The host will be able to choose exactly how the guest will be able to access their home. They can either use a pin for the August Smart Keypad with one-touch locking, give the guest mobile phone access via the August app, or both! This makes entry and exit much more convenient for both parties whilst also respecting the privacy of both the host and the guest.

This new process is said to be straightforward. Hosts will need to ensure that their Airbnb account and well as their August account details are stored within the August app and if they already have an August Smart Lock, they will simply need to update the app settings. What's more, if a host or guest change the arrangements of the stay, these changes will automatically be updated in the August app meaning that accessing the property will always be stress-free!