Adobe Reports Plans to Bring Photoshop to the iPad

By Mandy Davis — Published July 15, 2018

Adobe Reports Plans to Bring Photoshop to the iPad

Adobe currently has a number of apps in the App Store however they are yet to release Photoshop for the iPad. According to a report from Bloomberg, Adobe could be working on a version of Photoshop for the iPad. 

This decision makes sense for many reasons. Firstly, the iPad can handle it. The iPad is a powerful piece of technology and there is no reason that Photoshop wouldn’t be able to run on it. It has already proven itself to run advanced image editing software such as Affinity Designer that was launched recently by Sherif. In addition, the iPad Pro is even more powerful that some laptops that are already compatible with Photoshop.

Secondly, many people that work on Photoshop use multiple devices. Thanks to the ability to sync files, people work on multiple projects across multiple devices. According to Belsky, customers that work in the fields of entertainment and media are increasingly working on tablets rather than desktop computers. At one time, people used their iPad for a different purpose to their computer however this is an idea of the past. Now, it is possible to work from any device towards the same purpose so bringing Photoshop to the iPad could allow users to transition smoothly between various different devices. What's more, the Apple Pencil and the fact that the iPad is s touch screen device makes it even easier to interact with the photo.

Finally, this development makes sense from a business perspective. Adobe has recently moved to a subscription model meaning that they need to draw as much traffic to their apps as possible. If Photoshop is available on all platforms then customers will keep paying for their Creative Cloud every month.

There have been no dates confirmed for the release however Adobe's chief product officer of creative cloud Scott Belsky confirmed that the company are working on the new updates being ready as soon as possible. Although that is all the information we have for now, there is a chance that we will hear more regarding Photoshop for the iPad at the Adobe Max conference in October.

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