Why the August Smart Lock Pro is the Lock for You

The notion of a smart lock seems complicated.  It's one thing using a smart cleaning system like the robot vacuum who leaves your home spotless as you snooze, but the fact that your home security system is technologically controlled can seem overwhelming.  That’s where the August Smart Lock Pro comes in, a smart lock that allows keyless locking and unlocking of your front door via an app on your smart phone.  It uses Z-Wave technology to detect when you arrive home whilst also letting you generate access keys for family members, friends and roommates.   Users simply invite guests to access their lock via Bluetooth invitations.  They download the app (the only downside to August smart lock is that your guests need to download the entire app) and easily unlock your front door. And what's more, you don't actually need to change the lock in order to use the August Smart Lock Pro meaning that it's great for homeowners and renters alike.  The smart lock attaches simply to the existing deadbolt so there's no need to change keys. 

Let’s start with instillation.  All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and your smart phone. You start by installing the application to your mobile phone and then follow the instructions from there.  They really have thought of everything; no part of the instillation is complicated and full instillation shouldn't take more than just ten minutes. 



This lock is one of the most versatile smart locks on the market.  Firstly, it has an optional DoorSense feature which uses magnetic, add-on hardware to let you know if your door is open or closed.  It works in the same way that a traditional door sensor does however in the case of the August Smart Lock Pro, the lock itself is one of the sensors.  The other sensor can be mounted on the doorframe, gaging when the door is not only locked and unlocked but whether or not your door is left open or closed.  In addition, you can even play around with the Auto Lock feature by changing the idle time before locking until you find the amount of time that’s perfect for your home.  We also loved the fact that the lock is compatible with Alexa, Siri and Google Home.  It's super easy to check on your locks by voice commands on all these voice controls and what's more, by speaking out a pin, you can even unlock the door using Alexa. 

To maximize the potential of the August Smart Lock Pro you can choose to purchase the Connect which grants you access to a WIFI bridge, giving you remote lock access from your smart phone. All you need to do after purchase is plug the small device into an electrical outlet within 15 feet of the door and you're good to go. 

Finally, we love the design.  It's discreet and sleek and doesn't stand out as a flash piece of tech equipment, making your house a crime target.

Bottom Line: 

The instillation process is seasmless and the app and website are both extremely helpful.  With the August Smart Lock pro, long gone are the days of sending over a neighbor or nipping home on your lunch break to check if you locked the door and days of rummaging around in your bag for your keys are over.  Some reviewers even claimed that it's the future of front door security systems!  Of course, at around $250 this product isn’t cheap but it's definitely an investment. 


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