UniTerra Nomad Portable and Travel Espresso Maker

niTerra Nomad Espresso Machine Reviewed

Have you ever been camping outdoors and thought about waking up to the smell of fresh coffee?  You can brew a fresh of cup of coffee no matter wherever you are with the Nomad portable espresso machine by UniTerra.  With this travel espresso maker, anyone, anywhere, can make a great espresso like a skilled barista!  All you need is hot water and coffee!  The manually powered Nomad requires no electricity or batteries, making it one of the greenest and most environmentally friendly espresso machines available.  To use, simply pack finely ground coffee into the filter basket with the included tamper, fill the machine with boiling water, and press the pump lever until you have the desired amount of coffee. The Nomad has two modes of operation, the classic mode and the True Crema Valve mode, allowing you to choose the one that works best for you. 

The UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine is known for making top-quality espresso on the go!  This green travel espresso maker is perfect for traveling and great for the outdoors and camping.  The Nomad by UniTerra is hand-operated, portable and easy-to-use.  The Nomad also has a sleek, artistic design that looks great on your kitchen countertop and comes in a range of different colours.  

Making a shot of espresso is relatively straightforward.  It starts with filing the water reservoir with boiling water and filling the basket with finely ground coffee and tamping.  It is then recommended to pump about 12 times for pre-infusion and then wait a few seconds.  Then you pump until you are in the green zone indicated on the pressure gauge.  Finally, you just pump the seesaw lever fast or slow enough to keep it in the correct range until your espresso is done. 


Bottom Line

In short, the UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine allows you to brew a fresh cup of coffee no matter where you are.  With this revolutionary, yet easy-to-use machine you can make a top-quality espresso on-the-go.  The Nomad is not inexpensive compared to other travel espresso makers but its flavor rivals more expensive electric powered espresso machines.  The Nomad is highly recommended. 

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