The Best Holiday Gifts for the Whole Family

There is one thing that you can't escape from at the holidays (and no it’s not food!) it's family.  We haven't lived with our families in what feels like decades and suddenly we're all expected to live harmoniously under one roof again?  So, how can you get everyone into the holiday spirit to guarantee a stress-free and light-hearted holiday experience?  Holiday gifts of course!  Whether they admit it or not, there's nothing that people love more than receiving gifts.  It's the perfect way to say 'I care about you' without actually saying it and what could feel better than receiving love, especially at holiday time.  We have reviewed and ranked gifts for each family member based on price, durability, ease of use and more to help you spread the love this holiday season.   

Best for Your Sister: Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000

Sick of your sister always stealing your charger when shes out of juice?  Or sick of never being able to get hold of her because her phone is always dead?!  Then this 2-in-1 portable and wall charger is perfect for her!  Anker claim that the product 'provides high-speed charging from the wall and on-the-go' and we were excited to see it this really was as convenient as it sounds. First of all, we loved how light and easy to use the battery pack was.  Although it's not something that easily slips into your pocket, you can definitely carry it round all day without even knowing it's there.  In general, most reviewers also loved the concept of the product: the fact that you are able to use the charger as a wall charger when there is availability, and when there isn't, it works equally as well as a portable charger.  In terms of battery life, we found that the pack charges roughly in 2.5 hours and an average smart phone e.g. The iPhone 6, can get two comfortable charges from the battery pack which is super convenient when you're out all day.  When plugged into the wall, it's not the fastest charger on the market but will comfortably charge two phones overnight and your sister definitely doesn't need more than that!  All in all, a great and thoughtful gift that doesn’t break the bank.



Best For your Brother: DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball

What makes this the perfect gift is not only the fact that it's perfect for all ages and all levels, but the fact that it's just so much more than a soccer ball.  This smart soccer ball comes with the DribbleUp app free of charge and what's more, there are no batteries so you don't need to worry about lugging spares or chargers with you.  It pairs to your mobile phone or tablet, allowing you to train anywhere at any time via daily lessons which can be modified and adapted to ability and experience, allowing your brother to improve his soccer skills without expensive classes or trainers.  The app basically acts as a virtual trainer and our testers enjoyed the training options such as live audio and virtual cones that provide training feedback in real time.   The ball itself is hand stitched with superb grip and feels just as high quality as pricier professional balls which our testers also loved.   We were skeptical about the ball working without Bluetooth or WIFI connections as it works by scanning a code from the ball to your device but we were pleasantly surprised to find that as soon as we scanned the code we were ready to hit the ground kicking!  The only thing testers found could be improved was the fact that on a bright, sunny day it's more difficult to see the phone or tablet screen clearly due to the reflection.  Nevertheless, at under $100 it’s a unique holiday gift guaranteed to keep your brother entertained for hours.



Best For Your Dad: FitBit Flex 2

If your dad has just retired and has more time on his hands to get fit and healthy (or just wants to get fit and healthy in general) then the Fitbit Flex 2 is the perfect holiday gift for him.  It’s a fitness wristband that syncs to an app on your iOS, Android or Windows device and tracks steps, distance, calories burned and more.  It also comes equipped with 5 little LED lights that show you how far you need to go to complete your goal.  We love this product because it's swim proof (for tracking swimming) and also suitable to wear in the pool, ocean and shower!  Our testers found it super easy to use and loved the slim design.  To be honest, it's not just suitable for dads but suitable for all the family as the you can replace the black rubber band with more stylish looking bands and chains.  The only downside was that although the battery life is okay (roughly 4 days), it actually takes a few hours to fully charge and in order to do so you must remove it and connect it to a dock which you then add to a plug which could be inconvenient for some.  This doesn't take away from the fact that this product is under $60, making it the perfect gift for those dads starting out on their fitness journey.  If you like the idea of a fitness tracker and you have more to spend, take a look here for more inspiration!



Best for Your Mom: Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Photo Frame 

Is your mom always complaining that she never sees you?  Here is your chance to change that with the Pix-Star 10.4 Inch Wifi Cloud Digital Photo Frame.  This super easy to use photo frame makes it convenient and enjoyable for relatives of all ages to enjoy family photos at the touch of a button. It has 4:3 formatted display which is lit by a low-consumption LED backlight.   This Pix-Star frame allows the sending and receiving of pictures, without the need for a computer or a smart phone, to your very own personalized digital photo frame email address.  As well as email, there are more than 20 online cloud providers that sync with this Pix-Star frame, including Facebook, Flickr and more.  These pictures are then stored in the 4GB memory which can hold up to 20,000 pictures meaning that it's easier to keep up to date on the adventures of your loved ones from all over the world.  Some of our reviewers loved that the frame comes equipped with a remote control and buttons on the back.  They found that this minimizes the chances of dirty finger prints as all actions can be completed without a touchscreen.  However, other reviewers didn't like the fact that they had to reach behind the screen to operate it and felt that it was impractical. 



The Bottom Line:

Of course, this article doesn’t just refer to immediate family but the gifts are also perfect for aunts, uncles, cousins and friends alike.  Our favorite gift that we reviewed was the Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 portable charger.  We loved the fact that it's great value for money, super easy to use and a practical gift without being boring.  Most of our reviewers claimed that they will definitely be considering purchasing the Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 for a loved one this holiday season and we think that you should too! 

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