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The Best Cotton Bed Sheets

Few would deny that sleep is a necessity.  Only when you wake up to the sound of an alarm on a daily basis do the memories of trying to stay awake as late as possible at a youthful slumber party seem like a distant memory.  As human beings we spend a third of our lives in our beds so it's important to ensure it's as comfortable as possible.  Sleep and comfort go together like peanut butter and jelly and good quality cotton sheets whole heartedly increase comfort level.  Shopping for sheets can be difficult and the amount of fabrics and brands on the market can be intimidating.  We think that cotton sheets are the best for all year-round versatility, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  They wear well and are usually comfortable, durable and affordable.  We also recommend a high thread count (from 300+) which is the number of threads per square inch on the bed sheet.  In theory, the higher the thread count the softer the feel however be aware that this isn't always the case.  This review is written by real people who love to snooze so read on for guaranteed sweet dreams.

Magnolia Organics Dream Collection Sheet Set

The Magnolia Organics Dream Collection Sheet set is made with 100% cotton.  The cotton itself is sateen (not to be confused with satin!) which has more threads running vertically than horizontally creating a silkier texture.  In addition, this product has a thread count of 300 which guarantees for a comfortable sleep, without the risk of tearing, which can occur with sheets at higher thread counts.  We found them to be luxurious, lightweight and high-end, with an extremely reasonable price tag.  They wash well, holding the gorgeous deep coloring, without shrinking or wrinkling and some reviewers even noted that these sheets even became softer with time.  In addition, Magnolia Organics couldn't be more environmentally aware as the cotton that they use is grown without synthetic fertilization and is processed in an environmentally friendly way. This product is also machine washable in warm water and suitable to for tumble drying on a low heat.  For the price of less than $90 you get a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases as well as a choice of six colors ensuring your sleep is as stylish as it is comfortable.    


Perú Pima - 415 Thread Count Sheet Set

Perú Pima use a percale weave in their cotton which is a plain matte weave, usually more breathable than other types of cotton with a cooler feel.  The quality of the cotton is superb and the product is perfectly stitched without any hanging threads or defects.  Unlike other cotton sheets on the market, these sheets remain soft and comfortable even after multiple washes.  They do have a slight wrinkle problem, wrinkling after a wash or after placing things on the bed however its nothing too serious and they smooth out easily and quickly.  Not only do these sheets feel luxurious but they look luxurious too with an elegant 4-inch hem creating a gorgeous finish.  Peru Pima provide this bedding to hotels such as Hilton by Doubletree, Sheraton and more proving how high class this product really is.  We recommend to machine wash these sheets in cold water and tumble dry them on a low setting for the best results.  This set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet with durable, high quality elastic and two pillowcases.   


Chateau Home Collection 800-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set

Egyptian cotton is the type of cotton that most people are familiar with as it's present in most good quality linens, and for a good reason too.  Egyptian Cotton sheets are usually more expensive but are also of the highest quality so we were excited to test this luxurious sounding product.  There is an incredibly high thread count at 800 and the extra-long Egyptian cotton fibers make the product light and soft weight.  The Chateau Home Collection use sateen cotton which gives the product a gorgeous sheen making them look plush and high quality.  The majority of our reviewers claimed that these sheets are also extremely breathable, preventing you from waking up sweating and clammy especially in the warmer months.   Some of our reviewers however, claimed that the sheets were less cool and crisp than they would have liked whilst having a slightly stiff feel.  At the same time, others liked how they wore in after a few washes and most commented on the fitted sheet's strong elastic so there is no chance of it coming out of place in the middle of the night.  For less than $100 this set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases in a choice of over 20 colors.


Royal’s Solid Ivory 1000 Thread Count Sheet Set

We usually recommend going for a higher thread count because it usually means that the sheets are much softer and durable.  For the price, we expected nothing less than premium comfort and quality from Royal's Solid Ivory 1000 Thread Count Sheet Set however we were slightly disappointed.  What we did like was the fact that the bottom sheet has two latex toppers keeping it locked to even the deepest of mattresses.  We also really loved the fact that the sheets wash well without fading and are extremely breathable which is great in the warmer weather.  Unfortunately, the texture didn’t cut it for us and most reviewers agreed that other sheets we tested were definitely more luxurious.  One reviewer even went as far as to say the feel was more cardboard than cotton.  The packaging is gorgeous but for the same price, the majority of our reviewers found a more luxurious rest with other brands.  This set comes as one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two king pillow cases which are all suitable for machine washing and tumble drying on a low heat.  Although some liked these sheets, we would recommend saving money and purchasing one of the other brands we reviewed. 


The Bottom Line: 

 Surprisingly, our favorite cotton sheets were two of the cheapest sets that we tested, both priced at less than $100.   Ranking second came the Perú Pima - 415 Thread Count Sheet Set.  These sheets are great for those that are happy to spend a bit more on a more luxurious brand in order to get that perfect 'hotel comfort' sleep night after night.  Unfortunately, we found that the Royal’s Solid Ivory 1000 Thread Count Sheet Set, coming in at the highest price, were the least comfortable sheets, proving that that thread count doesn’t always determine comfort. Our overall top pick was Magnolia Organics Dream Collection Sheet Set.  Reviewers were impressed with the price, the quality of the cotton and the brand's ethical ethos.  These sheets were soft and comfortable and in another league to more expensive competing brands.  They're literally made of the stuff that dreams are made of! 


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