Most Popular Products on Amazon

Amazon is without a doubt America’s favorite place to shop online. With safe shopping, same day shipping and the widest selection of products, Amazon has become a part of every resident in the United States!

With Amazon reviews one each product, we are able to analyze and understand which products are most popular on Amazon.

Here is a list of the most Popular Products on Amazon:

#1 Best Seller on Amazon - Amazon Fire Stick

amazon fire stick
With nearly 200,000 (193,374 exactly: sep 2nd,2018) customer reviews, the Amazon Fire Stick is the most popular product being sold on Amazon. 
This product allows tyou to enjoy thousands of channels and apps, as well as voice controlling Alexa! 

#2 Best Seller on Amazon - Fifty Shades of Gray

50 shades of gray
With Nearly 70,000 customer reviews, comes in second as the most popular Amazon product Amazon customers loved! 

#3 Best Seller on Amazon - The Hunger Games 
the hunger games
One of the best selling books of all times, is a also one of the best sellers on Amazon! This is a favorite among teenagers and adults! A great choice for all Amazon shoppers who love this item! 

#4 Best Seller on Amazon - Fire Tablet by Amazon

amazon fire tabletA favorite among online shoppers. The Amazon Fire Tablet comes in a few stylish colors and is the next generation or tablets by Amazon. It goes head to head with the Apple iPad and many customers will testify it to be better. 

#5 Best Seller on Amazon - Kindle Paperwhite 

kindle paperwhite

With over 60,000 4.5 star customer reviews, the kindle paperwhite is the most popular kindle Amazon has ever sold! 

#6 Best Seller on Amazon - Kindle Keyboard 3G

kindle keyboard 3g
With over 43,000 4.5 customer reviews, the kindle keyboard 3G + wifi 6" display which came out in 2010, is one of Amazon's best sellers 8 years later! 

#7 Best Seller on Amazon - Amazon Echo, 2nd generation 

amazon echo 2nd generation

An all time favorite. The 2nd generation Amazon Echo has nearly 40,000 4.5 star reviews and users can't stay enough good things about this product! 

#8 Best Seller on Amazon - Cards against the humanity 

cards against the humanity
The most popular game that is taking the country by storm. Card against the humanity has a 4.8 rating with over 30,000 happy customers on Amazon. Truly something everyone of us might want to have in their home! 

#9 Best Seller on Amazon - Fitbit charge 2 heart rate 

fitbit charge heart rateClose to 17,000 satisfied Amazon customers. the Fitbit charge 2 heart rate is the pure pule that keeps on giving. An automatic wrist based heart rate monitor. Great for those of us who are active sport lovers. 

#10. Best Seller on Amazon - Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron 

flat iron
An amazing flat iron product sold on Amazon with nearly 25,000 statisifed Amazon customers! 


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