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Best Sofas to Add Color to Your Living Space

Purchasing a sofa is something that is both exciting and terrifying.  It’s a relatively large investment on a hugely central part of any living space.  Sofas are for eating, watching television, playing, recovering from feeling poorly (or one too many shots the night before!), chatting and entertaining.  Sofas need to be durable, affordable and comfortable and it's rare that the average person has enough time to shop around.  In the past three years there has been a tremendous rise in online furniture sales and even more recently, these sofas seem to be desperately on trend, competitively priced and almost too good to be true.  All this can seem risky even with quick shipping and return policies so we've created this guide to help you chose the perfect for your lifestyle. 

Best for families: 9 by Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

This is a stylish futon sofa that is perfect for young couples or a family on a budget.  It measures at 81.5″ long x 34.5″ wide x 31.5″ high as a sofa and 70.5″ long x 43.5″ wide x 16″ high as a bed.  This sofa rated top for number of reasons.  Firstly, the fabric is a stylish linen that is available in a range of bold colors giving an on-trend pop of color to any living space.     The frame is wooden, the armrests are curved and the sturdy wooden legs are slanted giving the statement piece an elegant feel. The cushioning is a mix of polyester and foam meaning that the sofa is durable but less luxurious than more expensive sofas in the market. We suggest that the Brittany sofa is more suited to those living in apartments and especially practical for those living in rented accommodation and prone to moving. This sofa also doubles up as a bed making the already reasonably priced sofa an even better steal.  Although this Brittany Sofa is more comfortable for sitting as opposed to sleeping, with extra cushions and blankets it can make for a cozy night's sleep for a guest. 


Best Color Choice:  Divano Roma Furniture Mid Century Style Linen Love Seat

This is one of the more expensive sofas that we tested however not by much.  We loved the vibrant red that this sofa is available in and is the perfect size for two adults or three children.  Reviewers claimed that the sofa is lower than the average sofa so although its fine for relaxing and watching television its less comfortable for example to work on a computer.   It's a great playroom sofa as well as great for a couple sharing a bottle of wine after a hard day of work. The linen fabric is durable and resistant and the fabric is thicker than other sofas we tested making it more comfortable too.    Unfortunately, there is no zipper on the cushions so it's impossible to launder them but a quick wipe down should do the trick.  It looks great and feels high quality which is why it ranked at number two. 


Best Sofa Bed: Novogratz Palm Springs Convertible Sofa Sleeper in Rich Linen

Another entry from Novogratz shows us how cool and effortlessly stylish their products are.  The upholstery of this 1950s style sofa is a polyester blend fabric with a linen look which is available in a choice of duller but classy mustard or navy.   Although there are no arms to the sofa, the detailing is more elaborate than the Brittany with stitched piping around the edges and a sturdy wooden frame giving the piece an impressive finish.  There is also padding under the legs of the futon protecting both the sofa and your floor.  Unlike the Brittany sofa, the back is split allowing for one person to sit upright and the other person to recline, personalizing and increasing comfort level.  When both sides are in the 'reclined' position the sofa serves as a bed which is more comfortable than the Brittany.  Its slightly smaller than the Brittany sofa at 32 inches high x 71.5 inches wide x 34 inches deep and 16.5 inches high x 71.5 inches wide x 43 inches deep as a bed.  It converts easily into a lounger and a sleeper however the sofa is less comfortable than others we have tried. 


Best High End Sofa:
Divano Roma Furniture Velvet Scroll Arm Tufted Button Chesterfield Style Sofa

This sofa is ultra-soft, ultra-stylish and comes in a range of ultra- vibrant colors.  The sofa is the largest one we tested with dimensions being 88" x 33" x 31".  The size combined with the array of colors means that this piece is guaranteed to be focal point of any room and can look both elegant and casual depending on the interior of its surroundings.   The upholstery is a premium velvet with plush luxurious arm and back rests which give the sofa a glorious antique feel.  We were impressed with the Velcro seat cushions that can be removed but don’t slide around however the Divano Roma Furniture Chesterfield Style sofa looks more comfortable than it is.  The low back can be uncomfortable for taller people and the majority of the reviewers claimed it was their least favorite to relax on.  The sofa looks and feels grand however the comfort didn’t match the price tag.   


Bottom Line

We tested these colorful couches based on comfort, seat size, color options, fabric, value for money and more.  We learned that what looks the most comfortable isn’t always the best for a cozy evening in front of the television.  Of course, home décor and comfort couldn’t be more personal and what is suitable for us isn’t necessarily suitable for you.  Sofa's also serve different purposes in different households and its important you take into account how often you'll be using the sofa and for what purpose.  In a household with numerous pets and kids, the durability may be top priority however a young couple may prefer a more stylish piece.  We rated the 9 by Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon our top pick as we felt it was the perfect mix of comfort, style and value for money and many reviewers didn’t want to give the product back.  Bravo Novogratz, we salute you!



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