The Best RC Cars Review: See our Top Recommendation on the Best RC Cars! Updated October, 2020

Best RC car review for every budget! There is no surprise that outdoor activities have a positive effect on people, be it child or adult. Playing with an RC car outside is one more simple and fun way to spend time with your friends and family! There are plenty of brands and toy companies competing for your dollar, so how do you get the best RC car for your buck? We have spent hours researching and reviewing customer experiencing posted online of the best RC cars. See which RC car will last you the longest, give you the most out of your money and have the most features. We recommend the best RC cars based on your budget and needs. See our top best recommendations below:

Why Does Research Matter?

Have you ever found yourself staring at someone playing on the street with a remote controlled (RC) car and secretly wished you could join the fun? RC cars are known to be an excellent outdoor play activity for both children and adults alike! RC cars have a wide range of qualities and prices, depending whether they're designed for flat or harsh terrains. You can choose to purchase a more realistic-looking vehicles to play outside your paved neighborhood or go wild with a monster truck at a camping trip. Whatever you choose, it's a great and simple way to bring friends and family together with little to no effort at all.

What Made the Traxxas Rustler XL-5 the Editor's Choice?

The Traxxas Rustler XL-5 features speed that goes up to 35 mph indicating that its motor is incredibly powerful making its maneuvering great fun! It has a smooth control and an ergonomic throttle of 2.4GHz radio system you won't want to put down! It comes with 7-cell NiMH battery and a 4-amp DC peak charger. Thanks to the Rustler's waterproof body parts it's able to withstand a rainy and a puddle-full adventure. You can have unlimited fun with this flexible Rustler especially on flat and loose gravel surfaces where you can spin in donuts till your battery runs out. Allow yourself to venture out on a whole new experience of fun.



Why Tamiya 58346 Grasshopper RC Car Made the Cut? 

We chose this product because it's a classic RC-buggy fans' favorite! The Grasshopper by Tamiya is initially meant for low to moderate dirt, sand, gravel, jumps, and simple concrete. This is a great model for beginning RC car enthusiasts. It easily assembles and is composed of great quality material that makes it durable for years to come. The 380-motor is a great first step for beginners who are learning to navigate and control the RC car. As you grow your confidence, you'll be able to easily replace it with a bigger size engine. Its tires have good traction that can easily endure both dirt and pavements. You will definitely be pleased with this upgradable entry level RC car!


How HOSIM 9112 All-Terrain RC Car Stands Out? 

The all-terrain HOSIM 9112 2WD RC car is real BEAST on the road. With a speed of 33mph it's able to brilliantly spin, turn, drift and flip on any terrain! It has an advance S-Truck suspension keeping it durable to various outdoor conditions. It has a hyper responsive throttle with a range of up to 260 ft. Its revving is quite spectacular and easily rotates in a fun high speed. It is sturdy enough that even as it gets major blows it'll continue running! Finally, if you've always dreamed about getting your hand on a monster truck, this wheeled beast is an awesome option to run with!


What's So Special About the Redcat Racing Tornado PRO Buggy?

The Redcat Tornado EPX PRO is a high-end RC racing car for the experienced RC enthusiasts amongst you! This marvel will blow the doors off your competition while creating a whirlwind on the road! This tornado of an RC will turn any terrain into an adventure. Its speed is comparable to a nitro vehicle and its motor is an electric brushless of 3300KV and 540 Novatech. This model is provided with extra traction and with an adjustable rear wing that creates a rear down force for stability at a high speed. You will easily be able to control it going backward and forward with steering and throttle adjusting with tailored precision!

What Do We Like About the Exceed RC Drift Star?

The Exceed RC Drift Star is a stylish 1/10 scale drift car that can work well for both indoor and outdoor drifting. It features four-wheel drive and a powerful RC 540 motor. The battery is long-lasting, ensuring plenty of racing fun. Additionally, the build of this model is highly durable so you'll get years of use out of it. It is available in different colors like red, yellow, and blue. Users found it fun to use and plenty fast! 


Why Should You Consider the ECX Ruckus?

The ECX Ruckus is a 1/18 scale truck that features four wheel drive. It comes completely ready to go, straight out of the box, with a fully painted and decaled body. The nylon composite chassis lends it extreme durability. You can adjust the oil-filled shocks for the utmost control while driving in diverse conditions. The tires are perfect for all terrains and feature aggressive treads. Users loves how it handles gravel, sand, grass, and more, noting that it takes on impressive jumps with ease.


Why Do We Also Recommend the Distianert RC Car?

The Distianert is a four-wheel drive in a 1/12 scale. It can conquer all terrains, including gravel road, sand, and grass. The powerful electric brushed 390 motor can reach top speeds of 30 mph. The 1500mAh 3.7V battery can give you 15 minutes of play time before you need to recharge. Two sets of batteries are included in order to extend how long you can drive in one go. Charge time takes approximately 2-3 hours. 



Bottom Line
Whether you're a parent that's looking to distract your kids with anything other than TV or someone that's just looking to explore new hobbies, tinkering with an RC car really is a great option. RC models come in huge varieties which are appropriate for city-like generic environments or rough and rocky conditions. The play benefits with an RC car are amazing for kids and adults! You'll be experiencing a fun activity that fosters friendly competition, encourages socializing with other people, and even enhances your curiosity for engineering. Allow yourself to express your inner child with this easy outdoor play and let the fun begin!

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