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Best Memory Foam Mattresses

NASA were the first people to develop and use memory foam in their safety cushions.  This technology was then used in the medical world to make patients confined to their beds for lengthy periods of time more comfortable.  Although there are numerous uses of memory foam, the most common one is connected to a good night's sleep. Be it in pillows, cushions or mattresses, memory foam enhances comfort by adjusting to the shape of your body whilst reclining or sleeping.  For this product review, we decided to focus on memory foam mattresses. Our group of testers focused on a great balance of comfort and support, minimal motion transfer, durability, foam density and more in order to bring you the highest quality mattresses that provide the highest quality sleep.  Of course, comfort is subjective and whether you enjoy a hard or soft mattress, enjoy sleeping on your back, your stomach or your side, we have aimed bring you the best memory foam mattress guaranteed to help you sleep like a baby.

Overall Favorite: Leesa Queen Size Memory Foam

We were impressed with this product from the moment it arrived.  This mattress comes compressed and rolled inside a cardboard box and reaches full size in no time at all.  Speaking purely aesthetically, the Leesa mattress looks great , even without a protective sheet, and as soon as we saw the gorgeous stripe that runs through the middle we were excited to test it out.  Not only does it come equipped with firm edges that enhance pressure point support, we found it to breathe better than other mattresses in the market. The Leesa mattress is covered in a moisture-wicking, polyester-lycra fabric and has a unique ridge pattern carved into the foam.  The ridges are strategically carved between the other layers which prompt air flow. This increases breathability and helps with heat control for an uninterrupted night's sleep. On the whole our reviewers raved about this product. The only downside they found is that the mattress is just 10 inches thick and some people felt they needed extra thickness to increase how supported they felt.  Leesa are renowned for producing excellent quality mattresses and since the company was founded in 2014 it has not once needed to use its 10 year full replacement warranty which speaks volumes about the quality that they provide. In addition, if you want to try the mattress, you have up to 100 days to receive a full refund- the kind of customer service that we love. At under just $900 this was one of the more expensive mattresses we tried however the foam quality speaks for itself and we recommend investing in the Leesa for an uninterrupted night of luxurious rest.


Best for Back Sleepers: Tuft and Needle Mattress

This firm mattress won the title of best for back sleepers.  As soon as we removed the product from the box it began to expand which we liked.  We heard that memory foam mattresses that arrive vacuum packed have the tendency to produce an unpleasant odour and unfortunately this was the case with the Tuft and Needle mattress.  The strength of the smell did appear to evaporate after about a week however the remains of the smell seemed to linger for quite some time so we would definitely recommend letting the mattress expand outdoors.  Most back sleepers claimed that this mattress was stiff and supportive and had good overall feedback, however, others that prefer sleeping on their stomach and sides complained of hip soreness and back pains. The mattress is breathable due to  the adaptive foam that draws heat and absorbs moisture from the user's body and disperses it outwards, allowing it to naturally evaporate. We found that this lead to added comfort, and decreases the chance of sinking too deeply into the foam.  Unlike other mattresses we tested, after a night's sleep, most reviewers noticed sleep-holes in the mattress, especially where there is most weight throughout the night.  Initially, these holes faded however as time went on, they became a permanent fixture on the mattress even after flipping. There is a good 10 year warranty that comes with the product and Tuft and Needle also offer a full refund guarantee 100 night sleep trial.  



Best on a Budget: Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress

The Zinus Memory Foam 12 Inch Green Tea Mattress has three layers of foam that improve pressure relief, comfort and support. The top layer is memory foam, followed by pressure relief foam and the bottom layer is 6 inches of high density base support foam.  All in all, these layers blend together and provided a more rested sleep to nearly all of our testers. We found this mattress to be comfortable for those that sleep in almost any position without putting pressure on the back, shoulders and chest. Motion isolation is superb and different testers that sleep with partners claimed that they both felt equally supported and undisturbed throughout the night.  Although the edge support provided wasn't the strongest from all the mattresses, it was of a high standard and we loved how you are able to comfortably sit on the edge of the bed without sliding. Unfortunately there are no temperature regulation features that come with this memory foam mattress which is why it didn't take our winning spot. In addition, we recommend using a mattress protector to avoid staining with this product.  Although there is a 10 year warranty it is limited and there is unfortunately no free trial period like with other memory foam mattresses on the market. Last but definitely not least we must mention the price. At under $350 the mattress is around half the price of its competitors making it the most affordable mattress that we reviewed. The quality isn't the highest around however it is a very good mattress, that despite having no free trial or temperature regulation, is excellent value for money.  



Best Long Term Investment: Casper Premium Memory Foam

The Casper Premium Memory Foam mattress is great for most sleepers.  Both back and stomach sleepers found that it does an excellent job of moulding your body whilst being firm enough to prevent aches and pains and also allows you to comfortably move around and change positions.  The fact that there is latex over the memory foam means that the mattress sleeps cool which is great for those living in a warmer climate.  Reviewers loved that unlike other memory foam mattresses on the market, this one comes with a zipper meaning that the lightweight and breathable cover can be taken off easily and washed.The durability is good however at the price, we would have expected a much higher overall quality.  In terms of motion transfer, the Casper Premium rated highly which is great for couples and sensitive sleepers.  The warranty that they offer is also impressive. There is a ten year limited warranty which covers any defects in the material including sagging and splitting as well as a 100 day trail which starts the day you receive the mattress. Testers felt let down with the edge support as it wasn't as strong as other mattresses we tested however they did also comment that edge support isn't something that is high priority for many mattress purchasers.  The four layer design works well and results in excellent pressure relief for a variety of weights. Like with other foam mattresses, this one did arrive with an unpleasant smell however it dissipated after around three days.  On the whole, testers liked the mattress however they claimed that its simply possible to get something for the same quality at a much lower price.  



The Bottom Line: 

A good night's sleep is dependent on an amalgamation of factors ranging from room temperature to stress levels.  Whatever the reason, if you find that comfort is constantly missing from your sleep routine then investing in a memory foam mattress is definitely the right decision.  By testing the products we found that density is the most important factor to consider. The higher the density, the higher the durability, the lower the motion transfer and the more support and pain relief you'll get. This as well as the fact that the mattress is breathable with great edge support is why the Leesa Queen Sized Memory Foam mattress is our overall winner.  Our reviewers loved the fact that although the price is high, you really do get what you pay for as the quality is superb. It was almost universally supportive and comfortable with incredible three layer foam technology which guarantees for a night of blissful, uninterrupted sleep.  

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