4 Flat Irons for Smoother Hair

Times have changed since the days of exhausted, static, post-straightened hair.  We are all for embracing your natural hair, kinks, waves, curls and all but we also recognize the need for women to create new and exciting looks and if it's possible, then why not?  There is of course a reasonably priced way to straighten out kinks and keep frizz at bay whilst adding shine and protecting our locks, the flat iron!  So, first things first, what's important to consider when purchasing this hair styling essential?  Hair irons come in all different sizes and as well as the standard size, there are also slimmer and wider plates for shorter and longer hair respectively.  Your iron shouldn't be too hot but it should also have the ability to keep hair looking flawless all day along.  Investing in an iron with an added safety mode that switches itself off after a certain amount of time can also be great for those living with young children whilst an extra-long cord is ideal for those wanting more advanced styling.  Whatever you are looking for, we have created a guide for you to separate the fantastic from the frazzling. 

Best for Frizzy Hair: BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron
From frizz to fabulous! Babyliss are an established brand that use high quality technology and features making their products a top pick for salons too.  This is the best product we tried and works especially well even on the most damaged hair.  Reviewers noted that this product was also great for curling your hair too.  Unlike a lot of straighteners on the market, these irons are equipped with 5-inch-long titanium plates meaning that more hair is covered in a single swish. The titanium plates not only look great but lock moisture, helping hair to stay straighter for longer and giving you that healthy, salon-quality glow.   The maximum temperature is 450 degrees which is hotter than most irons on the market (most hair types won't need that amount of heat) and it comes with a whopping 50 heat settings. This iron doesn’t however come with a safety timer so the forgetful women out there may want to shop elsewhere.  We love it when a product comes with a warranty and this product comes with one that lasts 4 years.  We adored the BabylissPro Nano straightening iron and although it comes at a higher price, it's definitely one to consider if you want to make straightening your hair simpler. 

Best Investment for All Hair Types:  GHD Classic Styler 1 Inch Original - Straightener Flat Iro
GHD is one of the most popular flat iron brands in the market and the Classic Styler is another iron loved by hair professionals and novices alike.  The rounded barrel means that this iron won't only help you to achieve straight hair, but curls and waves too, for every day looks and special occasions.  The iron operates at 365 degrees and the plates work in a way that retain your hairs natural oils keeping it sleeker and smoother for longer.  This iron is also extremely easy to use due to the 9-inch long cable and the small and compact shape and we were pleasantly surprised to see how quickly it became a part of our everyday routine.  Although the GHD Classic Styler doesn’t come with different temperature settings, the temperature does adapt with your hair making it a good choice for all hair types.  It also comes with an automatic detector that switches the iron off after 30 minutes of not being used and the two-year warrantee is an added bonus!  The reason this iron didn’t win top spot is because the plates are narrower meaning it takes longer to tame thicker more rebellious hair. 

Best Splurge:  BIO IONIC 10x Pro Styling Iron

The Bio Ionic 10x Pro Styling comes with a hefty price tag and we know why.  Not only is volcanic ash mixed into the ceramic plates, closing hair cuticles and creating a smoother look, this iron also comes with a vibrating plate feature that is unique to this iron.  The plates vibrate in a way that aims to give each hair strand more time under the heat, creating a more effective, long lasting and naturally straight look.  We didn't know what to expect using this new technology but this flat iron really delivered and results were impeccable.  The vibration was also almost undetectable when using the iron so it didn’t make using the product inconvenient or uncomfortable.  When the vibration is turned off, it's also easy to achieve softer waves and curls, another reason we feel that this iron is worth the price.  We would recommend this product specifically to women with thicker hair who are used to going over their hair for hours with their regular iron.  Those women with more tamer hair should stick to our top pick as the huge jump in price may not be worth it for you.

Best Travel Iron: Revlon Ultimate Damage Control 1'' Ceramic Flat Iron

Revlon have created a lightweight iron that is programmed to 385 degrees, helping to protect your hair against heat damage.  They have also included a unique true grip technology on the 1-inch ceramic plates that provide the user with a smoother glide and a sleeker shine whilst preventing breakage.  The iron heats up in 30 seconds and although doesn’t have different heat settings, is great value for money and works well.  In terms of ease of use, it's pretty simple.  To turn the flat iron on you just flick the on switch and an LED light indicates when the product is in power mode.  In addition, the product is light and the cord swivels 360 degrees meaning that you can attempt any style in any location without having to consider awkwardly placed sockets. Revlon claim that this product heats up ready for use in 30 seconds however reviewers thought that heat up time was closer to a minute (regardless, still a fast heat up time!)  Unfortunately, the Revlon Ultimate Damage Control iron isn’t the best on the market.  We found that you need to go over the hair numerous times to get good results and the straight and sleeking.  At an absolutely bargain price we think this iron is worth it if you're looking for a flat iron to travel with as  look isn’t long lastopposed to an iron for day to day use. 

Bottom Line

After getting to know these products in greater depth, we would definitely recommend spending a bit more if you are using this iron on a day to day basis.  Not only will a pricier iron give you more professional looking and longer lasting results, the more advanced technology will protect your hair from heat damage.  Overall, we loved the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron and although it may be a slight strain on your bank balance it is definitely worth it.  The plates heat up super quickly, our hair was glossier and sleeker after use and the look lasted from the morning until the evening. The four-year warrantee made us feel even more confident about the product and the majority of testers with a variety of hair types wanted to take it home. The last thing we would recommend is investing in a good heat protector spray.  Although technology has advance to consider the quality of your hair and not just how it looks, there is no absolute way to avoid heat damage and the more protection, the better. 


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