3D Printers Review: Top Recommendations on the Best 3D Printers! Updated October, 2020

We review the new technology of 3D printers and bring you the best 3D printers review you will want to ready before you make your purchase! The world of 3D printing is becoming increasing popular, so much so that these machines are now available in a variety of sizes, with different features at different prices. This means that 3D printing is no longer an activity left solely to professionals! Whether you're learning, teaching, working with or simply enjoying 3D printing then we have the right printer for you. Our team at information.com reviews has spent hours researching and analyzing the best 3D printers so you can save time and money! See our top best recommendations below!

Why Does Research Matter?
3D printing is a favorite amongst product manufacturers, architects, teachers, students and more as it allows you to print shapes and create forms that otherwise wouldn’t be able to exist.  In short, 3D printers allow you to print a 3D model from a digital file by printing successive layers of unique material until the desired object is created.  As 3D printers develop easy to use technology they become more accessible to non-professionals.  With so much choice on the market, it's important you conduct significant research before parting with your hard-earned cash as these machines don’t come cheap!  Read on to find out more!

Why Was the Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D Printer Our Editor's Choice?
We were blown away by the dual extruder set up with this model.  It's impressive as it allows you to use one material for the main section of the object as well as water-soluble PVA for support structures.  We found this to be much less complicated than it seemed and the fact that the PVA is soluble means that there's no need to clean up and you're left with a burr-free print.  There is also a high-quality camera that allows you to view printing from your PC or smart phone.  We loved the excellent WIFI and ethernet connectivity which meant that we could instantly transfer print projects without the use of USBs and SD cards.  The uncomplicated interface means that it's easy to prep objects for printing and you have control over the printing from start to finish. On the whole, the print quality itself is outstanding with high consistency and dimensional accuracy.  Time after time, what we saw on our screen was exactly what was printed!
Why Did We Love The Aleph Objects LulzBot Mini Desktop 3D Printer?
This was our favorite 3D printer at under $1,500.  Although it's aimed at beginners, more experience 3D printers will like that there's more control over print settings and variety in materials that the LulzBot Mini can print.  It has features that we didn’t see on other 3D printers such as a small piece of fabric to clean the printhead.  This means that your next project will never be ruined by stray pieces of filament attaching to the next job.  Not only does this 3D printer come with self-cleaning but it comes with self-leveling too meaning that you'll never need to make manual adjustments before you print.   The extruder works well and we loved the fact that the heat stays where it's meant to whilst printing.  What's more, it has a heated PEI print surface which helps you overcome bed adhesion.  The heated glass bed means that objects don’t shift during heating which means that you'll never need to stick them down with solvents.

Why Is The MakerBot Replicator Mini+ 3D Printer Impressive?

At just over $1,200 we love that this printer is geared towards educators and first timers at a budget price.  The open design makes it easy to use and easy for students to see exactly what goes on and how the machine works.  The assembly is easy too and the new grip surface means that there is reduced wrapping and curling.  The fact there is Wifi and USB connection also means that it doesn’t need to be connected to your PC for added convenience.  Moreover, the camera not only allows you to check that everything is printing correctly but also allows snaps and uploads pictures of your print to the cloud so that it won't get erased.  We loved that this model works efficiently and is reliable once the print is set meaning that no filament is wasted.  Finally, it comes with a free pool of clear PLF filament making it even better value for money!

Why Is The QIDI Technology 3D Printer Newest Model: X-Pro One of Our Top Picks?

We loved the fact that set up was so quick and easy with this printer as it comes almost fully assembled.  All you need to worry about it leveling the print bed!  The frame is rigid and made of metal and plastic which makes it very durable.  We also really liked that the slicing software comes on a USB key along with some test models to ease you gently into the world of 3D printing if you so wish.  Furthermore, the fact that the plate is flexible which makes it super easy to remove your prints without bending or damaging them which is another feature that we really enjoyed.  What's more upon purchase you won't just receive the printer.  It comes with 1 roll of PLA filament and 1 roll of ABS filament, a power cable, a USB pen drive, a tool box and a filament guide tube meaning that no extra expense is necessary!


Bottom Line

3D printing has been affecting the way we use material since 1986 when the first prototyping machine came into use.  The largest benefit for companies is that this method allows them to manufacture products by adding resources instead of cutting away at larger solid hunks of material.  With 3D printing there is less waste, more time, and less cost so it is no surprise that the popularity of 3D printing is soaring.  Our editor's pick was the Ultimaker 3 Extended 3D Printer as it delivered high quality, accurate products time and time again!



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