20 Hilarious Online Shopping Fails

Online shopping is fun, easy and a time saver, but not for these 20 unfortunate customers... Luckily, they kept a sense pf humor despite their online shopping fails that... Hilarious!

Shopping online can save you time, money and the need to get yourself off the couch and actually go somewhere. Despite the comfort of buying things from your own couch, when you don't look at the fine print on products, like their size, you'll end up getting anything from miniature chairs to giant dog puppets. These 20 hilarious online shopping fails are awesome, and they'll teach you the most important lesson when buying stuff on the internet – keep a sense of humor!

"happier comes from with in your hear"? That's a thinker...
a pencil case with happier comes from with in your hear written on it

Bought my girlfriend a pillow of myself for when she went to university. Didn’t work out as I’d hoped
a pillow with a man's face on it

Model height: 3'2
a woman in a short dress

I knew I was taking a gamble ordering from wish.... but still, I couldnt stop laughing when my blanket finally arrived!
a wool blanket with from just dtrings

A great face mask. For fetuses.
a woman with a tuny face mask on her forhead

Well, they didn't exactly lie....
a pillow of a boy sleeping on a dinosaur pillow

Note to self: a l w a y a check measurments before purchasing
a tiny plastic chair

Hoeless? Don't lose hope!
a choker with hoeless charms hanging off it

You can definetly stand on it, but just that one time
a tiny bathroom scale

$750??? Hopefully they have a return policy
fluffy sneakers

A punching bag and a garbage piniata all rapped into one awesome product
a broken punching bag

Two left feet? No problem?
two left sneakers

Hopefullt there's a dust pan somewhere that mathes it
a woman holding a giant dust pan

May cause vertigo
shoes with small soles

The illustration is spot on. The shirt however...
a man with a tiny illustration on his shirt

A two for one sale - what is he compaling about?
a cup with a picture with two cups on it

Mama bear and tiny, tiny, tiny baby bear
tiny panda toy

Bob Ross is not painting happy trees with this one...
a messy Bob Ross Chia Pet

At least they kept the summer theme going
a woman wearing a dress

The differences are the scariest thing with this one
a scary Halloween mask that is not as advertised

Source: boredpanda