18 Oddly Satisfying Photos

Everyone of us has a little bit of OCD inside of us, and this is why these 18 photos are so oddly satisfying to watch. Get your daily dose of perfection, and enjoy some of the best symmetry ever captured on camera!

A crooked picture, a messy desk, a water stain on a glass – if the mere mention of these things makes you cringe – congratulations – you are a perfectionist. The human eye is designed to look for symmetry, and some people (you know who you are) can go crazy is their eye watches a mess. For all you perfectionists and lovers of symmetry, we have collected 18 of the most oddly satisfying photos that will put a smile on your face, and have that twitchy eye rest for a while.

Almost a shame to eat it. almost.

food cubes

When mother nature hits the symmetry app

tomatoes perfectly organized

Nurses taking exams - I would definetly trust them treat me

women sitting at tables on the grass

Take out one apple and the whole thing comes tumbling down

apples perfectly aligned at a grocery store

To be hit in the face with this would be an honor

a perfectly round snow ball

A bit of syrup and this photo is truely perfect

a perfect pancake

The people are affraid to touch this masterpiece

perfectly organized soda bottles at a grocery store

It's not just kids that like to go down the slide

ice falling from a slide

Nature's symmetry strikes again

the inside of a cabbage

Whoever did this - you deserve a medal

ice perfectly piled on a deck

A peaceful photo of a gigantic iceberg

an iceberg reflecting on the water

Do n o t stir this

a teardrop shaped black dye in a dye container

Almost looks handmade

a perfect rose

Only for display

perfectly aligned soda bottles in the grocery store

Wood carving at its finest

a spiral wood carving

Wer'e not sure how this is even possible

perfectly aligned trees

The cone you've been wating for your entire life

perfect ice cream swirl

Is is a painting? is it fruit loops? whatever it is, it only needs one word - perfection

cereal aligned in circles

Source: Google images