15 Epic Prom Dress Fails

The prom night is very special to everyone that goes to the biggest party of their teenage lives, but sometimes things can go wrong, especially when buying a prom dress online...

Ahhh, prom...that special day that most of us graduate just to get to it, holds special memories for everyone that goes to it. Towards that night, teens all over America invest their (or their parents) hard earned money on a limo, a corsage and the highlight of prom - the dress. Those pretty prom dresses used to cost a pretty penny back in the day, but with global online shopping it all changed. Nowadays teenage girls can buy the dress of their dreams for less than 100 dollars without even trying it on, but this is where trouble starts... These 15-hilarious prom dress fails show how far the distance between expectation and reality can be, but at least it made the girls' prom night even more unforgettable, and just as important - funny as hell.

(Not) pretty in pink

At least she's keeping her sense of humor

A great match. if your'e color blind.

We don't think the belt is gonna make a difference with this one...

Well, at least they got the slit right. Sort of

I could have made the same thing with coffee filters

Not sure if it's the dress she ordered or the bag it came in

The new silhouette - the box cut

Who needs glitter and gold when you have yellow and bland?

Yep, we can't defend this one

Doubles as a dress and a mirror ball

We know the sizes don't always match but good god

A mermaid cut - after she was eaten by sharks

At this point, someone has to be concidering a mass lawsuit

Not as advertised