14 Babies that Look Exactly Like Celebs

Babies can melt even the coldest of hearts, but some of them are just funny as hell. These 14 babies look exactly like some of Hollywood's celebs, and they will definitely tickle your funny bone.

Hollywood has its fair share of celebs that are household names, and that all of us enjoy watching them on the silver screen. Well, it appears that some of these actors have been reincarnated into baby form, and it is hilarious! These 14 cute babies are dead ringers for Hollywood celebs, and you will definitely have to look twice at the photos to tell the difference between them.

The lost photo of Mrs. Doubtfire as a baby

Can you say "inconcevable?"

If Kevin from the Office finally got someone to have his love child

He really was inlove with the shape of her body, and this is the result

Gandalf the Grey had more than one trick up his sleeve

I wonder what his first curse word is going to be...

On today's scheduale: eat, nap, invade the Ukraine

Simon Pegg's funny little twin

Obrien's got some competition in the hair department 

A baby and a royal baby walk into the bar

This little girl has some pretty big musical shoes to fill

He's got 99 problem's and Beyonce ain't one

Funny man Chris Farley is looking down at this and laughing his head off

On today's menu: a full diaper topped with a bit off a sleepless night

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