12 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About your Favorite TV Shows

TV is definitely one of the favorite pass time activities we all share, and almost every person has his favorite show on the small screen. With these 12 TV show facts, you'll be amazed at how much goes on behind the screens, and learn some fun trivia facts about the some of the all-time favorite shows.

Ahhhh, TV…. What would we ever do without it? Luckily, we don't have to find out as most of us watch our favorite TV shows on the go or at our home. While some shows get canceled never to be seen again, some run for years and become iconic as time goes by. Some of the most favorite shows have things going on back stage that fans never hear about, but we are here to spill the beans and tell you the most interesting things about your favorite shows you never knew about! So, grab the popcorn and be ready to head down TV's rabbit hole.


1. Game of Thrones Kit Harington's fake acting
The miserable Jon Snow has been through a lot during the hit show, and Kit Harington is determined to keep things a secret. According to sources, he shot 15 hours of fake scenes for season seven and walked around with an umbrella during the filming of season 6 to throw people of track and prevent drones from revealing his resurrection.

2. Curb Your Enthusiasm saved a man from murder charges
The fan favorite TV show starring Larry David saved Juan Catalan from a murder charge thanks to footage from a Dodgers game. The scene from the game showed that Catalan had an alibi for the time of the murder, and he was released after spending 5 months in prison.


3. Girls creator Lena Dunham was fired from HBO
Before her hit TV show Girls, Dunham was set to star in an HBO mini series called “Mildred Pierce,” but was fired after only half a day on set. The producer that gave her the boot is the same one that ended up producing Girls, and he told Dunham she was bad at acting at the time. Ouch.

4. The Sopranos cast didn't know how things will turn out
Not only audiences were shocked at some of The Sopranos scenes, but also the actors that sometimes had no idea what will happen to them. The show's writer, David Chase, would write and shoot different endings for some scenes and didn't tell the crew which one would end up on the show.


5. Friends was supposed to revolve around 4 characters
Most of the iconic show's fans would shatter at the thought that some of the friends would never exist, but that was the plan at the beginning of shooting. The show's original pitch revolved around a crew of 4 friends, and Phoebe and Chandler were not a part of the plan. Thank god it changed.

6. Seinfeld's complete circle
Another hit 90's TV show had plenty of secrets of its own, and only devoted fans know that the show began and ended in the same way. On the show's pilot, George and Jerry have a conversation about poorly placed buttons, and the same conversation raps up the show in the finale.


7. Family Guy's connection to The Silence of the Lambs
Ever wonder why Chris Griffin from Family Guy has such a weird voice? Well, it's because the character's voice actor, Seth Green, thought that it would be funny if he sounded like Buffalo Bill's character from The Silence of the Lams movie, and he was right.

8. Gossip Girl's Scary Ed
Ed Westwick apparently looked "like a serial killer" according to the show's creators, and they were hesitant about hiring him. Luckily, they changed their mind and cast him as the controversial Chuck Bass that became a devilish heart throb.


9. Modern Family's hidden genius
The show's fans know that the character of Luke is, how should we put it? dumber than a door knob, but the actor who plays him is far from that. The young Nolan Gould is not only a member of the genius club Mensa, but he graduated high school at the tender age of 13, so no door knobs for him.

10. Marge Simpson's secret bunny life
The long-running show has a few secrets that fans don't know about, and one of them is that Marge was supposed to have bunny ears under her blue maim. The show's creator, Matt Groening, said that he wanted to base the yellow Simpson's mama on another one of the characters he created in the past, but the idea was axed by the show's crew.


11. South Park's real-life Kenny
It's hard to imagine that out of all of the show's characters Kenny is the one that is based on an actual person, but it's true. The miserable disposable boy is based on a kid that the show's creators went to school with who used to wear an orange parka that made his voice unclear. He would often miss school, which caused other kids to joke that Kenny's dead, and well, the rest is history…

12. The Big Bang Theory's in house science advisor
Having a neuroscience Ph.D. can come in handy on a show that is based on science, and the cast of The Big Bang Theory are in such luck. Mayim Bialik, the actress who plays Amy, is a real life genius, so much so that the science advisors on the show consult with her when they have questions.