10 Things Not to Do if You were Fired

By Mark. M — Published February 22, 2018

10 Things Not to Do if You were Fired

Getting fired is not a pleasant experience and it can be emotionally trying for a number of people. It can have a bad impact on your current financial situation and you may be confused about the next step to be taken. Getting fired can make a person very emotional and it can lead to unreasonable and erratic behaviors from former employees.

In certain situations, getting fired may not have been purely due to the fault of the employee in question. This can be quite traumatic for employees.

News of termination can often lead employees to make harsh decisions and cause them to act without thinking. It is quite important to maintain your composure in such situations. Erratic behavior can affect your future employment. Here are ten things you should not be doing if you get fired.

Never speak negative
Employees who were terminated due to no fault of their own have a tendency to turn resentful towards their employer. This can mean a flurry of legal threats that include suing the company. Remember that such an action creates a bad impression on the company. You may not be able to get a favorable reference from the employer or even your colleagues for that matter. Never broadcast your intentions when you are fired. Instead stay calm and composed and exit with grace.

Not saving any important documents
Storming off the work premises on hearing the news of termination is never a smart move. It is always important to save your work as it is instrumental in applying for the next job. Make sure not to be careless with anything that can be useful to your employment and career.

Threatening to expose company secrets
Such threats arise out of bitterness and anger at being fired. Threatening to expose the company's secrets can mean a permanent end to your career. Measure your words and think carefully before you make any such threats. Good recommendations can go a long way but a bad recommendation can be detrimental.

Not asking for recommendations
Gracefully accepting your termination may not seem like an easy task, but it is the best way out. You are entitled to ask for a good recommendation from your employer and a little composure goes a long way. An employer may be more than willing to give you a good recommendation but your hurt ego may make it seem like an unnecessary favor. This is not true. It is always best if you can leave your company with a good recommendation.

Blaming the organization
A number of employees who have been terminated tend to blame their coworkers and the organization as a whole for their poor performance. This does not sit well with any company and the enemies you make in your professional life are the worst. A background check can dig up such behavior and it will seem as though you are not a team player.

Never stoop down to cursing and calling out names. That is unacceptable behavior in all aspects of life and can affect your self-esteem. Termination is hard, but cursing and name calling can cause you to lose favor among your colleagues and change their opinion about you. Always stay professional.

Do not let your ego take the best of you
News of termination can affect an employee's ego and this can lead them to make disparaging comments about the organization. Employees often tell their employers that the company will not survive without them. Such behavior will simply convince your employers that firing was the best decision they made.

Rejecting a company's actions to make the termination easier
Most companies will try and offer their employees a smooth transition in case of termination. This can make the whole process of termination much easier on the employees. Some employees may choose to reject such offers by the company. This is a bad move, especially since you stand to benefit from positive referrals and any additional perks that the employer feels you are entitled to.

Refusing to leave
You may not be prepared to leave the organization you were working for. But it is never a good idea to say this when you are being fired. You may be compelled to list out reasons and excuses, but all this does is convince the employer that you were not right for the company. You can definitely ask for a brief insight into the reasons that led you to get fired. Accept your termination with grace and choose to leave with dignity.

Yelling out a resignation in anger
In the heat of the moment, you might be compelled to yell out that the company cannot fire you because you choose to resign. While it may seem soothing for your hurt ego, it can actually hurt your reputation. An employer may have been considering giving you an option of resigning instead of terminating you. Harsh words can lead your employer to think otherwise and convince him or her that giving you such an option is a mistake. Remember, if you are given the option of resigning, it is a much better option rather than having your future employer asking you questions about why you were terminated.

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