10 Steps to Improve Your Chances of Finding a Job

By Eddie V. — Published February 27, 2018

10 Steps to Improve Your Chances of Finding a Job

Whether you are looking for a job or interviewing for one, the process can be long, nerve-racking, and sometimes futile. Sometimes we just can’t find the right job and other times, the interview doesn’t go very well and we are back to square one. By following a few simple guidelines, you can not only find a good job for yourself but make it through the interview and actually get the position.

Steps to help you get the job

1. Be flexible: When looking for a job, you need to keep your options open. Cast your net wide and explore all the opportunities available instead of just staying focused on that one job. If you don’t get exactly what you are looking for, look for something else.
2. Build a network: Get to know people in the industry that you are interested in. Talk to them and let them get to know you. Building a network not only helps you keep informed of new openings that come up but could also get you a referral.
3. Build your portfolio: If you are a fresher it, might take time to get a permanent job. While you are looking, it would not hurt to take up temp jobs and gain some experience. Every bit of experience counts and can be added to your resume. Also taking up whatever work you can find shows your future employer that you are proactive and take action.
4. Take trouble with your resume: Your resume will provide the first impression to your potential employer. Prepare it with care and be sure to highlight your skills in a crisp, concise manner. The Internet has many great resources to help you write a good resume, make use of them.
5. Prepare for your interview: When you do attend an interview, make sure you are well-prepared for it. Do your research and learn more about the company and your employer. If you feel you have some problem areas, work on them or ask someone for help.
6. Dress for the interview: This goes without saying but the way you present yourself does say a lot about you. When you enter the room dressed well, you show respect for your interviewers and come across as being serious about the job.
7. Make eye contact: When answering or asking questions during an interview, make sure to make eye contact. Someone who is constantly looking down or away gives the impression of not being prepared or lacking confidence. Making eye contact and holding a good posture instill a sense of confidence in you.
8. First the job, then the position: You might have your heart set on a certain position in a company, but there may not be any openings in that position. Look for other positions you could fill in the same company and apply for those. It will be easier to get transferred across departments once you have shown your worth to the company.
9. Follow up: This is a big step that most job hopefuls miss out. Once you have completed the interview, there is no need to accept the usual rule that if you didn’t hear from them, you didn’t get the job. Sometimes, it is a case of being accidentally overlooked and sometimes you need to remind them who you are. It is okay to call back once to follow up with the interviewer to know where you stand.
10. Don’t lose hope: Sometime, things just don’t work out. If you don’t get the first or even second and third job you interviewed for, don’t lose hope. Many success stories we hear about often start of the same way. Take some time off and reexamine what you have been doing. Make a note of areas where you feel you need to improve and work on those. Keep your chin up and keep going.

Finding a job can be stressful and tiring but being prepared can take you a long way in getting a great opportunity.

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