10 Best Tax Software

By Eddie V. — Published March 15, 2018

10 Best Tax Software

Getting a professional to prepare your tax returns can be significantly heavy on your pocket, especially if your tax situation is complicated. That said, here are our top 10 tax software that will help address all your tax concerns at a fraction of the costs!

The undeniable leader in the world of tax preparation software, TurboTax by Intuit is your ultimate 'go to' option for hassle-free tax preparation. It not only provides an incredibly simple user interface but also is capable of importing multiple employer Tax Ids. The software also has an ‘expense finder’ tool that allows self-employed individuals to file Schedule C.

The hi-tech TaxSlayer mobile app allows users to click pictures of their W-2 instead of having to manually punch in all the details themselves. The Self Employed and Premium versions of the software also offer an additional audit assistance to prepare your business for an audit.

H&R Block
The H&R Block is a user-friendly tax preparation software that asks relevant questions and deciphers them perfectly to offer you efficient tax advice. In addition to its premium version, the H&R Block also offers a free version that is known as More Zero.

The TaxAct software is best known for its convenient user interface, excellent navigation, and help tools that enable the users to create their tax return with great accuracy and ease. A relatively inexpensive option as compared to H&R Block and TurboTax, the TaxAct also offers a price lock guarantee to ensure that you always pay the same amount regardless of how long you take to file your return.

Liberty Tax
If preparing your own tax returns is not something you are new to, then the Liberty Tax software is the most convenient tax preparation option for you. The software is more driven towards the needs of more experienced tax filers.

Credit Karma
One of the relatively new additions to the list, the Credit Karma was launched in 2016 and offers easy and free of cost filing of both state as well as federal tax returns. Apart from handling your regular 1040A and 1040EZ returns, the Credit Karma is also great at managing more complicated tax issues as well.


Another high-ranking tax preparation software that has made thousands of lives easy in the United States is the FreeTaxUSA that enables the users to e-file their federal tax returns for absolutely no charges! However, if you wish to file your state taxes or need support for the same, you might have to pay some additional fees.

Jackson Hewitt Premium
A more budget-friendly alternative to the Turbo Tax and H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt Premium is an exceptionally efficient and comprehensive software that not only answers all your little and large queries but also provides you with an accurate tax return on the basis of the information you input.

A clean-cut and modern user interface renders the eSMartTax tax preparation software convenient to navigate and use. The software is entirely owned by Liberty Tax and also offers brick and mortar offices where you can interact with real agents and get the required help and support for your tax filing.

IRS Free File
Administered wholly by a non-profit collaboration of tax preparation service providers, the IRS Free File is a software tool available on the IRS official website that, in turn, help you to zero in on the best tax preparation software for your individual needs. However, if you earn less than $54,000 a year and/or are permanently disabled, you can get your tax filing done by The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program of the IRS free of cost!

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